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Posted at February 13th, 2019

Options Pop Options AlertsClick Image To Visit SiteOptionsPop.com gives you simple options buy alerts that have a high probability of moving up in price in the next 2 to 9 days… plus advanced options trader training to help you get the best results!

  Let’s say you discovered Amazon ( stock ticker symbol AMZN ) was great to trade because the stock was about to make a big move up and you bought 1000 shares of the stock. 

  Since each share is trading at $1824 a share, it would cost you $1,824,000 to buy 1000 shares of AMZN.

  Now let’s say that right after you buy AMZN it jumps up in price by thirteen dollars ($13.00 ) per share. 

 When the price of the stock went up thirteen dollars per share, you made $13.00 on each of your 1000 shares… for… a gain of… $13,000!

  But let’s start over and say you want to use options on AMZN instead. An “option” gives you the right… but not the obligation… to buy shares of the stock.  

   Let’s say you can buy an option to buy shares of AMZN for $.75 cents each. Each option contract equals 100 shares of stock, so 10 contracts controls 1000 shares. And this would cost you $750.  

  Staying with the example, when the stock price of AMZN jumped up by thirteen dollars in one day…. the price of the AMZN Call options went from $.75 cents to $2.25.  

  Your profit in this example is $1.50, not as much as the stock, but since you controlled 1000 shares of stock… you end up with a profit of… $1500 !  

 It’s the power of leverage and it’s the main reason why so many traders prefer trading options rather than stocks.

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